Monocultivar Selection

A range of monocultivar oils, designed to enable food-lovers and olive oil enthusiasts to sample and compare the individual flavour profiles of evoo made from Nocellara del Belice, Favolosa (FS 17), Leccino and Mission.

Fused Oils (“Agrumato” method)

These flavoured oils are made by fusing evoo with oils from citrus fruit and other aromatics, such as basil. They are made by crushing fresh locally sourced unwaxed citrus fruit and herbs with olives and cold-extracting the olive and citrus oils together as one harmoniously integrated product. The milling method is the same as for extra virgin olive oil. This preserves the freshness, health and flavour characteristics of both components, unlike infusion methods.

There are four Fused Andante oils made in this way