Forte Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cultivar: Favolosa (FS-17).  A recently developed Italian cultivar, offering a productive early ripening crop, with excellently flavoured oil and high biophenols.

Character: Intensely fruity.
Biophenols: >500 ppm.
Tasting Notes: Intensely fruity aroma of  celery, roasted tomatoes and wild herbs. Complex palate of fresh greens, wild rocket and mustard leaves. Balanced and harmonious.

Culinary application: Similar to Intenso, with emphasis on robustly flavoured dishes, barbecued red meats, casseroles, firmly-fleshed fish, leafy salads, roasted peppers, spicy desserts.

National and International Awards

New York International Olive Oil Competition
2013 Silver
SA Olive
2013, 2015, 2016 GOLD